Interesting Copywriting Techniques and Tips: Ready to Use

Basically, copywriting techniques that are applied to a business or product will always provide more value, even the results will be very different.

Good copywriting can certainly hypnotize potential buyers easily, so it will open up excellent opportunities for the business that is being run.

Attractive plus ready-to-use copywriting examples for your products

For more details, here are some of the best-selling plus proven copywriting examples.

“Who else would want…?”

Of course, this one headline gives a dream or lure that may have never been felt before. so the tendency is that you will answer “not yet” or “no”. For that, if you want to get this “delicious” thing, immediately read the contents until it runs out, then try the offer.

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Here are some examples of copywriting for beauty products that you can use.

  1. Who else wants to have healthy, glowing, plus beautiful facial skin?
  2. Who else wants to have a clean plus healthy body?
  3. Who else wants to get bonuses every day?

Of course, you can try this interesting copywriting example to make your business known to many people.

Using the word “WITHOUT”

If you notice that the word “without” offers the main benefits or solutions of the products you have to consumers.

When you start bringing up titles that are equipped with the word without, of course what answers from consumers will appear are answers to questions, objections, the biggest doubts, to denial of what you have conveyed.

But this is at least when there is a response given by consumers, then this is already a very good achievement. Indeed, this naturally happens when consumers are reading it for the first time.

For example, like beauty products, is this product harmful to my facial skin? Is this product good for me? Etc.

It can be concluded that potential consumers will be increasingly doubtful of all forms of promotion. It can be seen that the word “without” has the meaning of “removing” which is written including answers to objections felt by consumers, plus at the same time automatically dispelling doubts in the minds of consumers.

Here are some examples of the use of the word “without” that you can use.

  • Shop for 100% Original Handmade women’s shoes at Shoes Girls without worrying about being deceived.
  • A fast way to fatten cattle in just 20 days, without additional feed plus injection of chemical drugs.
  • Zorgeo Footwear Shoes: As a solution for office boots that have zippers without the hassle.

Using the magic word

There are several magic words that can be used, including “powerful”, “magic”, “secret”, plus other magic words.

Of course, this row of magic words has a very good effect in making consumers explore the sales letter that you do because they feel curious plus at the same time will be tempted.

For more details, here are some examples of interesting product copywriting using magic words.

It’s powerful, just tried it for three days, it turns out that cholesterol immediately went down.
The secret of turning social sarana accounts into money machines has now been revealed!

Use the word AND

You need to know if the AND formula is a formula that copywriters really like. Because you only choose the two most prominent product advantages, then you can use the word AND to connect the two advantages of the product that you have.

For that, here are some examples of the word AND that you can use.

  • How to quickly get skin that is bright, rosy plus healthy.
  • Register yourself immediately to Indonesian Language Bimbel plus be the best.
  • Get the Umrah + Aqsa tour package plus get VVIP facilities for the first 10 registrants.

Don’t just tell about the company

If you see that most of the marketing advertisements have become nonsense because it constantly talks only about the company.

It’s best to avoid just telling about your company or product, but it’s best to start by telling what benefits your product offers, how your product can solve the problems they are facing.

For example, “Our company is a web design company with 15 years of experience plus has won numerous awards in the field of internet technology.” Of course, examples like this should be avoided. Here is one example of interesting copywriting that you can try.

“We provide web design services that are dynamic, beautiful, sophisticated, plus easy for anyone to use plus will attract your web visitors to become buyers.”

Using the word “EVEN IF”

When you have a large number of competitors, of course, offering a product or pelayanan that is above your competitors is the first tahap that needs to be taken.

For those of you who want to just If you take time to examine or see the advantages of your product compared to products owned by competitors, you can be sure that your product or pelayanan also has these advantages.

Here are some interesting examples of copywriting using the word “Even If”.

Training on making websites is guaranteed to be possible plus easy, even if you don’t understand coding at all.
The fastest plus easiest vehicle registration renewal service, even if you are a super busy person.
The word “Even If” is of course used to give a stronger emphasis on the superiority of the product or pelayanan that you have.

Challenging word

For this one word, it’s a little provocative that will make potential customers think right away. When you already know the gaps, it is guaranteed to close a lot when using this one trick. Here is an example of a challenging word.

Opportunity will not come twice, are you sure you want to reject it?
If you suddenly die, what about your family?
Have you prepared your old age?
What needs to be underlined is to make sure the sensitive sentences used are in accordance with the products you offer plus most importantly make sense.

For example, for the sentence “suddenly died”, then this sentence is very suitable for use in insurance or investment products.

But for cosmetic products, the sentence “imagine if you died because you used fake cosmetic products…”, of course, this sentence will sound horror, even not elegant at all when used for cosmetic products.

On the other hand, for cosmetic products, you can use copywriting that is more challenging plus more friendly. An example is “is it horror or not that facial skin becomes messy because you choose random cosmetic products?”.

Remove bad sentences

Do you know that the sentences you write contain bad sentences or not?

To overcome your doubts, it is best if every time you finish writing, then read it aloud, then ask yourself in each of these sentences, what does this mean?

When you don’t understand plus don’t understand what it means, discard the sentence plus repeat it until you get the right sentence.

But for those of you who are still confused, here is an interesting example of copywriting that you can use.“204,345 people have used our herbal medicine to cure their cholesterol”.

Give potential customers a better reason

Try not to give false profits, but try to focus on the benefits your readers are looking for. It’s best to show real benefits. For more details, here’s an interesting copywriting example.

“Learn how to write ads that can generate lots of sales plus attract. Register plus immediately get free updates”

  1. Simple words, but contains great benefits
  2. Simple words are known to be sederhana plus to the point.
  3. No need to use bombastic words, but you can immediately explain the benefits that will be obtained when consumers use the products you offer.

Here’s an interesting copywriting example that you can use.

  • Herbal skin care that will make your skin naturally white in just 14 days.
  • Software used to increase your income 100% in a month.
  • How to boost your productivity in just 3 days.

Those are the various discussions you need to know about examples of copywriting. It will be more powerful if you apply this copywriting example to an email marketing pelayanan like SEND.EMAIL.

Hopefully the various discussions that have been described above can provide benefits plus make it easier for you to write copywriting.

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