Easy Ways to Create Ads on Google Ads for Beginners

usefulcraft.com – One effective way to increase online business sales is to advertise on Google. Therefore you need to learn how to create ads on Google Ads so that you can attract lots of customers.

As the largest search engine in the world, 98% of internet users in Indonesia use Google to get the information they want on the internet. Google’s large market reach makes this technology giant an effective advertising medium for a business. With the Google Ads advertising platform, you can create ads that will appear in Google search results. Cool, right?

Google changed the name of the advertising platform from Google AdWords to Google Ads. But in general, how to use it is almost the same. Some of what has changed in Google Ads is its appearance and features.

This time we will discuss how to create ads on Google Ads that are easy to follow. Hopefully it can help you grow your business.

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1. Create a Google Ads account
2. Defining Advertising Purposes
3. Select the type of ad display

  • Search campaigns
  • Display campaigns
  • Shopping campaigns
  • Video campaigns
  • App campaigns
  • Smart campaigns
  • Local campaigns

4. Complete Ad Basic Settings
5. Set Ad Duration
6. Select Location Range and Language
7. Determine the Target Audience
8. Set a Daily Budget for Ads
9. Set Bidding for Ads
10. Set Keywords for Ads in Ad Groups
11. Make ads / Ad copy
12. Do a review
13. Complete the payment details Already Know

How to Create Ads on Google Ads?

1. Create a Google Ads account

Before starting how to create ads on Google Ads, you must first have an account. If you don’t have a Google Ads account yet, open the Google Ads website in a browser. Then follow the account creation process for Google Ads. You can also log in to a Google account that you already have.

How to make ads on google ads

Then you will be redirected to a page to select an advertising target. If it’s the first time creating an ad on Google Ads, Google will immediately direct you to create a Smart Campaign ad, in which Google will automate the ad with the help of machine learning.

However, if you want full control over the ads that will be made, it is recommended to move to Expert Mode by clicking ‘Switch to Expert Mode’ as shown below.

how to create ads on google ads – set goals

2. Defining Advertising Purposes

How to create ads on Google Ads – Determine campaign goals

The second step for how to create ads on Google Ads is to determine the goals or objectives of the advertiser. Your ad will later be arranged in such a way as to help achieve the goal you have chosen. There are several choices of goals in Google Ads, including:

Sales: for selling products online or offline.
Leads: to get leads and conversions by encouraging customers to take an action.
Website traffic: to get as much traffic or visitors to the website as possible.
Product and brand consideration: encourage customers to recognize the business or product you are selling.
Brand awareness and reach: reach a wide audience and build awareness.
App promotion: promoting the application so that customers install it.
Local store visits and promotion: increase physical store visits.

3. Select the type of ad display

How to create ads on google ads-campaign type

google ads campaign

The campaign type is the form of display ads that will be made. For each goal campaign. When placing ads on Google, you can choose from several types of campaigns, namely:

Search campaigns
Types of advertisements that appear when users search on search engines with certain keywords. Also known as text ads. Contains a title that leads to the destination website, a brief description of the business, as well as contact info, like the image below.

Display campaigns
Advertisements which can be in the form of text or images that appear on Google partner websites. Image ads will direct users to the destination website. Display ad sizes vary depending on where the ad is placed. Examples like the following picture.

Shopping campaigns
Ads that display product information in the form of a catalog. Contains product info, images, prices and links that can be clicked to the destination web page so that customers can shop directly from the site.

google shopping ads

Example of a Google Ads shopping campaign

Video campaigns
Ads in the form of videos that usually appear on Google partner websites or when accessing videos on Youtube. Short video duration, usually only 8-15 seconds or 5-8 seconds.

Example of a video ad campaign

App campaigns
Ad type to promote the app. This ad can be text or image with a button that directs the user to the App Store or Play Store.

Smart campaigns
Google manages campaign types with the help of machine learning. This type helps new users to create and manage ads more easily. Provide information regarding the business name, create an advertisement then Google will find the best targeting for your ads to the fullest.

Local campaigns
Designed to help promote physical stores. Ads will appear on search, Maps, YouTube, and Google partner websites.

Choose the type of campaign that suits your needs. For this tutorial, Dewaweb uses a search campaign. After that, you need to complete the data requested by Google, such as the website address (if you choose goal website traffic), application name (if you choose goal app promotion), and so on. Then click ‘Continue’

4. Complete Ad Basic Settings

In this section, you need to complete the basic campaign settings that will be created. You must complete the basic ad settings such as ad type, ad name, and network options for displaying ads.

5. Set Ad Duration

After selecting the ad type and completing the basic settings, the next step for creating ads on Google is to determine the duration of the ad. Open the settings by clicking ‘Show more settings’ first.

  • determine the duration of the Google Ads ad
  • After that, options will appear as follows.
  • how to make ads on google ads – specify the duration

In this section you can determine how long the ads you create will be served by Google. Specify by entering the ad start date and end date.

Apart from that, you can also set Campaign URLs, Dynamic search Ads and ad serving schedules in the available columns as follows.

Set ad schedule

Set ad schedule

6. Select Location Range and Language

The next step in how to create ads on Google Ads is to choose a range of locations and languages for ad serving. You can narrow your reach to the province or city you want to reach to be more specific.

 ad location range

select the ad location range

After finishing choosing a location, determine the language used by your audience. Google will select to show ads to people with that language setting. For example, if you choose Indonesian and English, the ad you create will be displayed to an audience that speaks Indonesian or English.

7. Determine the Target Audience

In this section, you can define your own audience according to your target market so that ads can be shown more specifically to these people. Determine the audience, for example from demographic details, age, interests and so on.

Target ad audience

Target ad audience

8. Set a Daily Budget for Ads

Determine the ad budget For each campaign, you can determine how much money Google can spend on that ad placement each day.

To be able to place ads on Google effectively, you should set a budget that will be used for these ads.

Google has a budget limit feature that will automatically stop advertising once the cost limit is reached. So for example, you enter Rp. 100,000/day for campaign A and Rp. 80,000/day for campaign B. Then, Google will not spend more than this amount.

You can set the lowest budget first when just starting to create ads. Then you can slowly start measuring the success of your ads and try to optimize them.

9. Set Bidding for Ads

Bidding is the cost that you will incur for each advertising objective or the price of one ad click (if you choose to focus on clicks). For bidding, you can set it on conversions, clicks or impressions. When finished, click ‘Save and Continue’.

Set ad bidsSet ad bids

10. Set Keywords for Ads in Ad Groups

Next, do keyword settings in ad groups. One campaign can contain several ad groups.

You can create one or more ad groups in each campaign you create. If you create more than one ad group, name each ad group in the column provided. This will make it easier for you to find out which ads are performing better.

How to create ads on google ads – set ad group

Next, you need to enter keywords that are relevant to the ad you are making. The goal is that when people enter these keywords in a Google search, your ad can appear in their search results.

There are three types of keyword matches determined by Google, namely exact matches, phrase matches, and broad matches. What is the difference?

  • Broad match ─ contains all words, possibly in any order, and may include other words.
  • Phrase match ─ contains all the words, in order, and can include other words before or after the phrase.
  • Exact match ─ contains only these words in this order.

After filling in the keywords completely, don’t forget to click ‘Save and continue’ for the next step.

11. Make ads / Ad copy

After making the settings above, the next way to create ads on Google Ads is to create an ad display form. For paid search, Google limits the text characters so that it can contain the entire contents of the ad text in the search results.

Create an ad

Create an ad

Keep sentences simple and informative the audience to click on your ad. After that, save the settings by clicking ‘Save and Continue’.
how to make ads on google ads – create ad copy

12. Do a review

After completing ad settings, you will be directed to a review page before you can place your ad on Google. Here you will see the details of the ad that you created earlier and the required budget. If you still need to make improvements, do it before publishing ads.

13. Complete the payment details

The last stage in how to create ads on Google Ads is to complete payment details for ad serving. Fill in the required data, such as billing country, timezone, customer info, select a payment method, and more.

Payments can be made automatically or manually. If you choose the automatic option, you must have a credit card. But if you choose manual, payments can be made by debit, transfer via mobile banking or ATM, and GoPay.

After everything is completely filled in, check the agreement (I agree to the Google Ads terms and conditions) and click the ‘Submit’ button.

Pirvacy policy ads

Then you will be directed to billing details. Complete the payment according to the amount billed. After the bill payment is complete, the process of placing an ad on Google will be complete and your ad will appear if it has been approved.

Already Know How to Create Ads on Google Ads?

That’s the tutorial on how to create ads on Google Ads. Follow these steps so that you have complete guidelines and your ad can run successfully. Hopefully this article can help you grow your business by creating ads on Google Ads. Good luck, Dewaweb Friends!

After learning how to create ads on Google Ads, now is the time for you to apply them to grow your business. Of course, your ads will be maximized if you have a website with cloud hosting that is safe and fast. Always rely on Dewaweb for hosting and website matters!