Choosing Health Insurance

Buying health insurance should record the need for benefits from insurance in detail. Then the next step is to adjust to financial capabilities.

Likewise, when receiving an insurance product offer, potential customers ask the insurance agent in detail about benefits, coverage, premium payments, procedures and conditions needed when making a claim.In more detail about choosing health insurance, the following tips can be your guide:

health insurance

High Claim Limits

Generally, there are two types of health insurance claim limits, namely annual limits and lifetime limits. In insurance with an annual limit, if the annual limit is used up, further medical and maintenance costs are the responsibility of the customer until the limit is refilled next year.

Choose health insurance that does not impose a lifetime limit and make sure the annual insurance limit per year is also sufficient for your needs.

“It’s unfortunate if customers have to pay premiums every month but don’t get the maximum benefit from the insurance,” said Mitchell.

Comprehensive health insurance will provide flexibility for patients and customers to get the best medical care without having to use personal money because of the high protection value.

This is important because the cost of medical treatment is not cheap and cannot be known before the end of treatment.

Critical Illness Risk Protection

The critical illness benefit will be very useful if you are suddenly diagnosed with a critical illness or if you have a family history of critical illness. Critical illness protection is important considering the cost of treatment tends to be high.

Unfortunately, not all health products provide these benefits, so patients have to spend their own funds.

When choosing a health insurance product, pay attention to the list of diseases that are included in the coverage. Ensure that critical illnesses that are at risk of spending large amounts of money are covered by the product.

Other Benefits Available

The benefit that is also necessary in health insurance is that it provides protection against Covid-19 because we are still dealing with the potential danger of transmission, the emergence of new mutations, and the possibility of a slow increase in cases. Another benefit that can also be considered is if it provides the benefits of occupational therapy, speech, and traditional medicine.

There are also reimbursement benefits for pre- and post-natal complications, alternative therapies, reimbursement for emergency cases outside the area of coverage, and treatment costs in the emergency room without hospitalization.

One of the important things in choosing insurance is how to claim. Try to choose health insurance that provides a cashless way of claiming. This procedure will facilitate the payment process because the patient’s family only needs to show their insurance membership card during the payment process at the hospital cashier.

Cashless payment of hospital fees is beneficial to provide comfort and convenience for customers while undergoing treatment at partner hospitals.

Hospital Network

When you need medical treatment, you will usually look for the nearest or most complete hospital. Avoid insurance with the benefit of protecting various types of diseases but only accepted in a few hospitals. Conversely, if our insurance has wide coverage in many hospitals in Indonesia and abroad, then patients and their families will be assisted with access because it is easy and fast when needed.

Another advantage is that when you are sick but out of town, you can still get comfortable care at a hospital that has a partnership with the insurance company you choose. Likewise, if you have an accident, you can immediately get treatment at a hospital that is an insurance company partner.


The credibility of the company can be seen from the ability to provide a variety of insurance products that are licensed and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) so that they can provide detailed information about their insurance products which can be found on the company’s official website in the form of Product and Service Information Summary (RIPLay). .

In addition, the reputation of an insurance company can also be seen from its solvency ratio, which in the insurance industry is known as Risk-Based Capital (RBC), an indicator of a company’s ability to pay its obligations to customers. The minimum RBC requirement set by OJK is 120 percent.

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