Insuring a Business or Insurance Business: Which profit a Choice 2023

In everyday life, the actions we take certainly have risks that can occur anytime and anywhere. As humans, we can be sure we want to avoid these risks or minimize the risks that will occur.

When a risk occurs, it often has a significant impact on financial stability, especially in the business world, something that happens or a decision that is taken will be risky and affect the company’s financial performance.

For example, if a natural disaster such as an earthquake occurs. Where nomor one can predict when and where an earthquake can occur.
However, the impact of the earthquake was felt by all parties, including the business international which owns building assets such as offices.

Insuring a Business or Insurance Business

This can damage the building that functions as an office and affect your business processes. If the damage is minor, it will not have a significant impact on the company’s finances.
But what happens if the damage done is heavy damage?

It’s different if you prepare an umbrella before it rains by having insurance to protect you. The context of protection in insurance is as protection, guarantee and produk benefits from any type of insurance.

Insurance becomes a transfer of risk or minimizes losses that can occur in the future with a written policy agreement.

When referring to OJK, Insurance can be interpreted as an agreement between the insurance company and the policyholder which forms the basis for receiving premiums by the insurance company in return for; third parties that may be suffered by the insured due to the occurrence of an uncertain event.

In addition, insurance also provides payments based on the death or life of the insured with benefits whose amount has been determined based on the results of fund management.


Enjoy various Insurance Benefits

Insurance is very important because it is useful as an important tahap to minimize risk, especially in unexpected financial risks within the company. In addition, insurance also has several other benefits, such as:

  • Insurance is useful for minimizing losses. The losses faced by the company are getting lighter because part or all of the risk has been transferred to the insurance company.
  • Thus, saved savings funds can be allocated for other purposes in your business or emergency funds that have been prepared and not used can be invested.
  • Useful insurance provides protection for yourself, your loved ones or a team of employees working in your company.
  • By having insurance indirectly, you are providing investment in the form of protection and protection for yourself or others.

Take advantage of insurance as one of the company’s money management measures on a regular basis.
Indirectly, we will understand how to manage the company’s finances by setting aside routinely into the distribution of posts. One of them is posting insurance payments, posting business needs or other posts.

So, still want to postpone insurance?

After getting an explanation regarding various insurance benefits. You already understand that insurance provides benefits in terms of protection, both for yourself, family and colleagues. Insurance can also cover risks in the business you are running.

It seems that there is nomor longer any reason not to have insurance, because by having an insurance policy we can prevent financial losses that occur in the future.
Therefore, it’s time for you to start caring for yourself, your family and colleagues in your business world. The easy way is to register as an insurance customer.

So, the next question is “which insurance is right for my business”? Relax, you don’t need to worry or be confused, because there are various bancassurance products that work with well-known and reputable insurance companies.
Presenting a variety of insurance protection solutions that are suitable for your needs.

Here are some business insurance produk offerings:

  • Earthquake Insurance,
    Where this insurance produk guarantees losses caused by Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Fires, and Tsunamis
  • Fire Insurance
    Where this produk is useful for protecting your business from loss or damage to property such as Buildings, Machinery, Equipment, and Inventory of Goods or Stock, caused by the risks guaranteed in the Standard Fire Insurance policy
  • All Risk Property Insurance
    Where this produk provides protection against unexpected, sudden and unintentional physical loss or damage apart from the things that are excluded specifically in General or Special Exceptions.
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance.
    This type of insurance offers protection against damage or loss of a motorized vehicle
  • Group Health Insurance.
    This produk provides special insurance protection by covering the costs of employee care or health. If there is a health disturbance such as suffering from an illness or having an accident.
  • Freight Insurance
    This type of insurance provides protection against the risk of loss or damage including costs incurred while the goods are in transit, whether by Land, Sea or Air.


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