Travel insurance: Definition, Types and Benefits

Travel insurance is a produk that is different from accident insurance, although when buying this model of insurance, the insured will be covered from losses due to accidents, while on vacation in the area where he is on vacation which is the protection according to the policy, we will discuss about.


  1. Definition of Travel Insurance
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  4. Types of Travel Insurance

Even since the COVID-19 pandemic, travel insurance has generally included providing coverage of the risk of this disease at the destination. What makes it different from accident insurance is that risks such as sickness, flight delays, lost luggage are of course not covered.

Definition of Travel Insurance

What is travel insurance? namely an insurance produk that provides protection from the risk of loss that could occur while traveling, both domestic plus foreign trips
abroad, this insurance is highly recommended for those of you who have a lot of work going out of town or abroad, the advantage is to minimize financial losses when making the intended trip.

Even though this model of insurance is not required, it is still recommended to have it, especially for you who are a part-time traveler, plus often travel, especially for those whose purpose is
areas that are still very foreign to you, this insurance is very easy to buy even on a sudden basis, usually it can also be included when buying a plane ticket.

Types of Travel Insurance

It is usually distinguished from travel purposes, such as insurance that aims for vacations, as well as travel insurance related to business trips. The difference between the two is, the cost of premiums.

Travel insurance is also often distinguished from the means of transportation, such as land, air plus sea, as well as foreign or local destinations, what distinguishes it is the coverage of both plus the availability of hospitals or the reimbursement process.

Travel Insurance Benefits

Travel insurance is actually very important to have, especially when your trip is a business trip, because the benefits plus guarantees are quite worth it, namely compensation for loss plus loss of baggage, because by buying this policy, the costs of compensation for loss or damage to your baggage will be borne.

Then, the package that is included is, compensation for travel costs that are delayed or suddenly delayed, often plans that are neatly arranged, can fall apart due to flight delays, including the itinerary plus hotel check-in time in the destination city, usually this is covered for the flight.

Furthermore, the benefits of travel insurance are, protection when you are sick on the way later, during your vacation, of course this is very disturbing, plus can even add to your unexpected costs, while traveling, with travel insurance, medical treatment costs will be covered which will generally be reimbursed by the insurance company.

Not only life insurance, travel insurance when you travel, provides accident plus death benefits while you are enjoying your holiday moments, the sum insured paid will certainly benefit the insured or the insured’s family.

Types of Travel Insurance

Before deciding to buy a travel insurance product, make sure you understand the details of what produk you are going to buy, plus what model of trip you are going for, whether it is for tourism or business travel, because, different prices, different benefits plus coverage.

Also make sure the duration of the trip, the number of insured, plus the place of travel, are you going abroad? Are these countries close together or are they prone to conflict? because this will determine whether the insurance application is accepted or not.

Then, the place of your trip, will you visit places prone to natural disasters or places that are at risk in the itinerary? of course if your accident is due to entertainment related to extreme activities, such as paragliding, banana boat, of course not all insurance companies will cover it.

Enjoying a vacation, after nearly 2 years of being cooped up due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will certainly provide pleasant freedom when traveling, but don’t embrace too much, because travel protection is needed at any time, with a trusted insurance broker, get prices plus offers special.

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