WordPress Hosting: Definition and How it Benefits

usefulcraft.com – So that nowadays there are quite a lot of hosting provider companies that offer WordPress Hosting to site owners with CMS. But what exactly is WordPress hosting? To enlighten you, in this article we will discuss the meaning of WordPress hosting.

But before that, you need to understand what WordPress is. WordPress is the most widely used content management system (CMS) in the world. More than 30% of websites are built on WordPress and the percentage will continue to increase. WordPress uses PHP and MySQL, which are supported by almost all situs hosting providers.

Another advantage of WordPress lies in the types of websites that can be created on this platform. This CMS allows you not only to create a blog but also an e-commerce site, portfolio, newspaper, or whatever you want.

Apart from that, this most disukai banyak orang CMS also has a software interface that is intuitive and easy to use. So if you know and understand how to use Microsoft Word, then you won’t have any difficulties when you want to operate WordPress. It’s like creating and publishing content as easy as snapping your fingers.

Understanding of WordPress hosting

Understanding About WordPress Hosting

Understanding WordPress hosting is actually quite easy. WordPress hosting, as the name implies, is a hosting service made specifically for WordPress CMS users so that situs owners can focus on their blog/wordpress content. He doesn’t have to bother dealing with various kinds of technical problems such as loading speed (speed), security (security), and limiting resource limit issues.

The point is this style of hosting is made in such a way as to support the performance of a WordPress site as much as possible. Starting from the technology used to the server architecture, everything is designed for the needs of WordPress sites, because of that, sometimes WordPress hosting is often referred to as “Managed WordPress Hosting”.

WordPress hosting has several main or standard features that are usually offered as follows:

  • Much larger resource limit
  • Much easier setting and installation of WordPress. All that remains is to setup tools or a special control panel, not complicated and very simple
  • Auto update engines, plugins and themes that make it easy for users
  • Auto backup is very helpful if a masalah occurs
  • More secure security (virus and malware protection)
  • Free premium theme/plugin (not all hosting providers provide this feature)

Sometimes hosting providers also provide various other features such as free SSL, CDN settings, and so on, but that’s not all that important. What you have to pay attention to is the resource limit they provide because this is the main value of the style of WordPress Hosting that you will use and you can take advantage of.

Understanding of WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting has a very large resource limit making it easier for situs owners
Each hosting has various and different resource limits, so don’t get hung up on the percentage of resources they provide, be it 100%, 200%, unlimited or something like that.

Servers and technologies for each hosting vary, so don’t be fooled and lured by the sheer percentage, what you should pay attention to is the real portfolio of WordPress Hosting users.

Try to monitor other site owners who have used their services and see their situs loading speed through a situs speed test such as Google PageSpeed . Compare the speed with the price they offer to determine whether it’s worth it or not.

While the main advantage of using WordPress Hosting is that the resource limit is not limited so that access and loading speeds on your situs or blog can reach 5-10x compared to usual hosting, but the real limit is on disk space and the number of visitors visiting your blog, besides that the price is also relatively more expensive.

The amount of storage provided is very small (deliberately limited) compared to shared hosting packages at a lower price, besides that some WordPress Hosting providers also limit traffic or the number of visitors per month.

So if a visitor (unique visitor) to your blog or situs exceeds the quota given, they will reduce their resource limit so that the worst thing is that your blog or situs cannot be accessed.

The numbers that you need to pay attention to when you want to buy hosting are :

  1. Allotted disk space
  2. CPU according to the capacity of the hosting server (number & percentage of CPU)
  3. The amount of RAM, virtual memory, physical memory, entry process, number of processes, and I/O
  4. Limit on the number of visitor quotas per month (if any)

In general, there are 2 main limitations on hosting, namely resource limits and disk space (storage). If you are still confused about how to consider the difference between a resource limit and disk space, here’s an explanation:

If your blog has several features such as heavy and dynamic themes or plugins (examples like forums/marketplaces). This means that the activity of your blog visitors is very high and frequent changes occur on your site.

So I suggest you can use hosting with a larger resource limit. This resource affects the speed of access to the blog and the amount of visitor capacity that you can accommodate simultaneously.

So if your situs or blog has features such as a burdensome theme or plugin, this style of WordPress hosting is perfect. Because of its resource limits, WordPress hosting is suitable for websites that have high traffic activity, such as forums or marketplaces, such as blogs with lots of visitors. Especially if your situs content is frequently updated and changed or dynamic.

Understanding of WordPress hosting


As a summary, here are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of using WordPress Hosting:

Excess :

The resource limit is much larger so that the blog loads very quickly and can accommodate many visitors simultaneously. Suitable for websites that have high traffic activity.
Supporting features for WordPress such as auto updates and backups (not so important), features that are far more important are from a more secure standpoint (advanced security).

Lack :

Prices are relatively more expensive than other types of hosting in general
There are limitations in other forms, usually the disk space provided is much smaller or the number of visitors per month is limited.
So, here is the understanding of WordPress hosting. How are you interested in using this style of hosting? Yes, even though the price is relatively expensive, it is in accordance with the various features and advantages it has. You can get wordpress hosting easily . So what are you waiting for, let’s get wordpress hosting for your situs or blog right away.